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Ramadan Bazaar Vendor Registration 

At ICCD Academy, we’re all about supporting the local community. Our vendors are members of the Muslim community that sell an assortment of quality goods to residents at unbeatable prices. As the local Ramadan Bazaar in the greater Des Plaines area, all of our vendors offer a variety of Ramadan essential items and guarantee that customers go home happy with their purchase. Browse through our inventory and bring something home that your whole family will love!

Vendor Registration Form

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We are very excited to open our doors to support all local small business owners. However, we do ask that vendors adhere to a few of our building's rules/regulations to insure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.


This Bazaar will be INDOORS inside our gym area. All vendors are welcome to arrive as early as 10 AM on 3/10 for setup. We do have a loading area from the side entrance into the gym. Otherwise our main entrance is located in the rear parking lot.  We will be securing the are overnight on Friday March 10-Saturday March 11 for vendors belongings. However, we will not be held liable for any lost/damaged merchandise. We urge all participants to be present and tend to their belongings for the duration of the Bazaar. 

What will be provided?

ICCD Academy will provide 1 six foot wide table and 2 chairs per booth. However, vendors will be responsible to provide their own Racks/hangers/shopping bags/or any other items necessary to tend to their customers.  EACH vendor's are will be approximately 7ft wide x 5 ft deep. If you do need more space than that you are more than welcome to purchase another booth space.

How much is the booth rental? 

EACH booth is $100 for two days! However, each booth's dimensions are 7ft wide x 5ft deep, if you feel your business needs more space than that please purchase two booth spaces to ensure that you have the space you need as accommodations will be difficult the day of. We also do welcome and appreciate donations as we are a non-for-profit Islamic school and receive no government funding. 


Our school also has a prayer hall/masjid that offers a Khutba/Friday Prayer. Khutba starts at 1:30 and Prayer is at 2 PM. We welcome all of our vendors to join us for prayer!

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